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Video Taping


Atlanta Video Pros is called on by a wide array of broadcast networks, TV stations, and companies throughout the world for video taping services.

We have the expertise and name brand equipment to shoot Mini DV, DV Cam, Hi-Definition, Betacam SP, Digital Betacam, etc. In all types of conditions and climates. Our experience includes shooting in the rain forests of Brazil to the fish markets of Seattle, the open plains of Canada to the swamplands of Florida.

We have the experience that will take the worry out of your production. Experience like shooting:

·        Field segments for the “Montel Williams Show”.

·         Helicopter shots for an office complex that sold for the highest price per square foot in Atlanta history.

·        A front seat perspective of speeding 170 mph around a NASCAR track for racing great Jeff Gordon.

·        Setting up and shooting ‘live shots’ for ABC news to affiliates in New York, LA, etc.

On Location in the Amazon


      Video Taping Services Reasonable Pricing
  • Marketing Videos
  • Training Videos
  • News & Sports
  • TV Commercials
  • Meetings & Conventions
  • Stage Presentations
  • Documentaries
  • Speeches
  • Corporate/Private Functions
  • Aerial/Helicopter Video
  • Video News Releases
  • Trade Show Presentations
  • Retirement/Tribute Videos
  • Focus Groups
  • Pre-Trial Video Brochures
  • Day-in-the-Life Disability Video


In addition to quality, we provide great pricing. How do we do it?

We are not a big conglomerate with truckloads of overhead.

Our shooters are multi-talented. If necessary, one shooter can provide: camera work, audio, lighting, interviewing, and directing.



   Broadcast Clients:

Corporate Clients:
  • CBS News

  • NBC News

  • ABC News & Sports

  • CNN

  • A & E Network

  • Montel Williams Show

  • Independent News Network

  • Georgia Public Television

  • CNBC-United Kingdom

  • German TV News Network

  • Greece TV News Network

  • Brazilian TV News Networks

  • TV News Depts. throughout  U.S.

  • Coca-Cola

  • Delta

  • Georgia Lottery

  • Macy’s

  • ‘Got Milk’ Campaign

  • Eli Lilly Drug Company

  • United Health Care

  • Home Depot

  • Blue Cross

  • DeVry University

  • “Modern Bride” magazine

  • Jeff Gordon Driving Experience (NASCAR)

  • Ikon Office Systems

  • Winn-Dixie

“Just wanted to thank you for the excellent job shooting the interview and B-roll needed at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta . Shooting for both 4:3 and 16:9 ratios at the same time can be difficult, buy you showed your experience by doing it with perfection. The interview and footage were very important for the feature length documentary and I’m glad I put the job in your hands to get it done right.”

Thanks again,
Michael Roland
Michael Roland Productions
Dallas , Texas






* HI-DEF: Cannon XH-A1: Pro 3-Chip, Hi-Def that can shoot 24P, 16:9 wide screen. Also shoots DV and conventional 3:4


* Panasonic DVX 100-B. Shoots 24 frame.


* 2 Sony PD-150 cameras that shoot MiniDV & DVCAM. These cameras are unequaled in low light performance. Cameras come with an attachable wide-angle lens. Each camera also comes with a stabilizing brace to maintain steady shots. 


* 2 Sony full sized Beta SP cameras. Includes: 16 x lens with 2x extender for sports and  

   event shooting. Also comes with quick charger for camera batteries.





Full accompaniment of hand held, lavaliere, boom, and shotgun microphones:


  • Boom pole with directional shot gun microphone and sock.
  • 3 Senheiser wireless 2000-channel UHF lavaliere mic and receiver units.
  • Wireless handheld microphone.
  • Sony hard wired lavaliere microphone
  • On-camera shot gun mics.
  • Sony portable field pack audio amp/mixer.
  • Table top 12-channel Mackie audio amp/mixer board.





  • 4 Lowell 300-1000 watt lights with stands
  • Soft box to generate soft lighting
  • Mole Richardson ‘hair light’ and stand
  • Lowell 500 watt light and stand
  • 3 Smith Victor 300-watt lights that raise ambient lighting
  • 2  on-camera instantly adjustable lights producing 0-100 watts.
  • 2 Gobo Spot Lights for stage presentations. They can also be used to create background patterns on stage walls.
  • Full accompaniment of umbrellas, filters, reflectors, c-stands, portable battery belts, etc.





  • JVC pro portable color field monitor with 16:9 (widescreen)  and 4:3 (regular) viewing.
  • Portable Green Screen
  • Jib with 12 foot arm.
  • Black curtained background



We also provide:

* Video Editing

* DVD production with chapter points

* Video for the Web

* Commercial Graphics

* DVD & CD Duplication




Video Production

Atlanta Video Pros has a wide range of award winning broadcast and corporate video production experience. We have produced: network TV commercials, U.S. and foreign network news footage, nationally distributed entertainment, Olympics coverage, major 'live' events, and marketing and training video tapes for Fortune 500 companies.

Look Out for Land Mines!

Successful video taping includes numerous considerations other than just good camera work. Considerations such as: Should on-camera talent be hired, and if so, who? Is a narrator needed? A makeup person? A teleprompter or voice prompter? Do you need a studio? Attention must also be given to script writing, lighting, props, backgrounds, camera dollies, jibs, graphics, animation, music, and acquiring audio in the field.

As you can see, there is much more to video production than first meets the eye. Atlanta Video Pros has the talent and experience to help meet your goals.


Atlanta Video Pros brings years of marketing, public relations, and training experience to the table. As you will see from our references, that translates into bottom line results for your company.

Take advantage of it! When planning your next media project, give us a call and tap our brainpower. We'll give you a FREE 30-minute strategic analysis. You'll love our ideas.

Working together, we'll make you a picture of success!




Call 678-468-6856 and tell us your idea. 
We will have suggestions that will give you a bigger bang for your buck. 



Video Editing

Video editing combines video, graphics, animation, music, narration, photographs, special effects, scanned images, images from the Internet or CD-ROMs, etc. Bringing them together into an effective presentation is an art. Atlanta Video Pros combines artistic flair with down-to-earth business strategy to give you cost effective, targeted, and successful video presentations.

Superior Quality

We provide superior quality through our digital, non-linear, post-production system. It provides numerous advantages over typical linear production, beginning with better picture quality. Our digital hardware, state-of-the-art software, and creative artists will give you eye-catching effects, exciting 3-D animation, and stunning graphics.

Maximum Flexibility

Our non-linear technology also allows you to make changes quickly, while preserving picture quality. You can make changes months or years down the road, without losing any image detail.

Save Time and Money

In today's sophisticated marketplace, audiences expect creativity. This means creating scenes with layered images, 3-D transitions, and sophisticated effects. We constantly update our technology and training, giving you fast, state-of-the-art service.


Georgia Lottery

DeVry Institute of Technology

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Rich's Department Stores

'Got Milk' Campaign

Modern Bride Magazine

Blue Cross-Blue Shield

J.B. Winberry Restaurants

Heavenly Ham

G.E. Capital

Ryder Trucks

Intersound Records

Coca-Cola Enterprises

Media One TV Advertising

Fulton County Government

Cobb County Government




Total Post Protuction

Video, Audio, Graphics & Animation

  • 3-D Digital Video Effects.
  • Hundreds of other transition effects including particle explosions, morphing, smoke, trails, sparkles, zooms, layering, and many others.
  • Unlimited layering/compositing with no generation loss.
  • Exciting 2-D & 3-D animation.
  • Axis Rotation: Total control of video placement and perspective.
  • Scaling: Put rolling video into on-screen flying boxes.
  • Clean digital chroma keying and downstream keying.
  • Sophisticated lighting manipulation.
  • Image texturing.
  • All video tape formats.
  • NTSC to PAL or PAL to NTSC foreign conversion output onto master edit tape.
  • Save complete or incomplete projects in digital format to avoid generation loss on subsequent edits.
  • Make professional quality photos from video.




Audio Editing

  • On-site recording
  • Digital audio editing, manipulation, and time control.
  • Noise reduction and hum removal
  • Multi-track layering, panning, compression, solo/mute, pitch shifting, gating, & expansion.
  • Create audio CDs and tapes




Graphics Development

Blending creativity and sophisticated software we produce eye-catching graphics for print, video, computer, and Web Site applications. When working on a project, we can create customized images, or import your existing graphics. Our abilities include:

  • Creating graphic designs for commercial, industrial, & business to business uses.
  • Developing creative graphics for print, film, video, and computer applications.
  • Importing your graphics and digitally manipulating them.
  • IBM & MAC capabilities.
  • Professional quality film scanning.
  • Digital retouching and manipulation of pictures, slides, graphics, film, & video.
  • Adding motion to existing or created graphics to create an inexpensive, impressive video, CD-ROM, or Web site presentation.




3-D Animation

Our creativity, state-of-the-art software, and sophisticated hardware produce 3-D animations that really spice up presentations, and make concepts easy to understand. We would be glad to show you 3-D samples. Atlanta Video Pros has produced for marketing, industrial demonstrations, training applications, and entertainment. Specific applications include:

  • Giving 'life' to boring statistics through animated pie charts, bar graphs, etc.
  • A signature 3-D video logo with movement created from an existing print logo.
  • Depicting mechanical movement
  • Depicting fluid flow
  • Re-creation of events & accidents
  • Realistic motion of humans & machinery with true shadow & light changes.
  • Creating distinctive or unique shapes and textures
  • Unlimited layering and compositing.
  • Objects and people materializing from particles or dematerializing into particles
  • Morphing
  • Liquids transforming into solid objects such as logos, people, and machinery.
  • Solid objects transforming into liquids
  • Animated painting of objects
  • Animated texturing, such as giving objects a metallic, brick, or wood look
  • Melting
  • People interacting with simulated 3-D objects in natural surroundings
  • People interacting within a virtual 3-D world




Big Screen Projection

When it comes to meetings, make sure everyone sees the results of your hard work. Use a multi-media projector that brings out all the detail you put into the project. Atlanta Video Pros will provide you a projector that goes beyond the standard.

Our device projects at 1028 x 1024 resolution, allowing even small print from a Power Point presentation to be seen clearly. Projecting at a high luminescence, video and computer presentations can be seen in a large room, even when there are other light sources present.

Portability? Our projector weighs in at only 14 pounds and comes in a sturdy case with rollers and extended handle, exactly like an airline attendant's suit case.

Depending on the size of your audience, we can set up one of a number of large projection screens. And don't forget audio. We also hook up audio speakers and microphones, so the audience will hear the presentation as clearly as they see it.




Proof Of Performance


"Throughout the Rich's chain, our bridal registrations for kitchen appliances increased 34%...We have had a long term relationship with the company's owner, Bob Hamilton, who has produced marketing tapes for a number of Rich's departments. We highly recommend his services."

Pam Parker
Director Home Store Services
Rich's Department Stores

"You did a great job accommodating our need to cover an extensive and complex amount of material in a short period of time...we have distributed our video and have received excellent feedback from our customers and senior executives."

Willa Neale
Software Product Leader
Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Georgia

"Their knowledge and skill was most evident in their cooperation and commitment to producing a quality product. Their value against cost was excellent."

Jeanne Johnson-Whatley
Director, Corporate Relations
DeVry Institute of Technology

"The final video we received exceeded our expectations, as well as those of our customer, the Georgia Lottery. In fact, we were so delighted, we asked Mr. Hamilton to produce a similar video for the Virgin Islands Lottery. We are equally impressed and satisfied with this video."

Marcy Lewis
Marketing Manager
Scientific Games Inc.

"The results are incredible! Our company now has a video far superior to that of our competition....Our sales staff absolutely loves it. The video is just the kind of tool they need to increase sales."

Peter Vinelli
Business Manager
International Stock Foods

"The latest project involved an interactive computer based training program for our security guards. Atlanta Video Pros provided the video for the training program, directed talent, and provided guidance on the interactive graphics and programming.... I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Atlanta Video Pros."

Dan Rakestraw
Valor Security

"We were so pleased with Mr. Hamilton's services, that he is going to assist us on a multi-media demonstration this year."

Loren Colvin
Marketing Communications Mngr.
Shepherd Systems

"At each step in the process In-Focus provided a high quality product. They were easy to work with under some trying conditions. The end result has been very well received within our organization and, more importantly, by our customers."

Robert C. Coleman
Brockway Standard Inc.

"This was my first venture into video production and the task seemed somewhat daunting at the beginning. I especially appreciated your patience in helping us properly identify both the target audience and desired message for the 10-minute program."

Scott F. Ferguson
Marketing Director
Leica Laser Division


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